Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mr. fever go away

Was sick after the snow~
freaky cold
but suddenly dam hot ~~
due to the big changes of the weather
with my weak body i was killed by the mr. fever
but i'm recover today~~

well we need more veges during mr. fever visit
so i cooked some thing for my dinner
i had a codfish n smoke salmon salad as dinner

healthy enough le~~
taste ma ma dei!! lol cos i didnt really use any seasoning
only salt n lemon~

Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring or winter???

Omg snowed today man
freaky freezing~~
*Sob* *sob*
Sakura season now yet SNOWED!! can babes understand??
The weather really going crazy
He is showing his temper to us babes
Warn us not to hurt him anymore
no more CFC!!!! ARGH~~

Thought just strong wind but not that cold so I just wear a normal jacket to my work
Never imagine that it's that cold
Moment when I woke up it was rainning but not heavy as yesterday night
so I thought it will be just abit more to go
luckily heavy rain starts moment when I reached my working place
God I was looking at the sky
wondering what happen?? why weather change so sudden

the rain turning to become snow
i was like HUH~~??? is spring le!! and and was v hot last few weeks le...
come on dont play play le
i told my friend who work with me A
A: no is not snow is MIZURE
Me: huh?? u look at it~~
A: u go out n see propperly it will melt d
Me: (OS) will melt didnt mean it's not snow ma... @#$%^&
A : see i told u
B another friend came our from back room
B: OMFG what happen??
Me: snow right??
Me: (os) again!!! @@
later the snow starts to accumulate on the road
Me: i told u is snow ma..........

babes know is 26th April liao le...
why why why?? snow???
the sakura just fully opened n yet the sudden snow
poor poor sakura
luckily i went for sakura yesterday
but my friend told me
dont u feel luckily which u can see sakura with snow??
do u know that maybe will be 10 years only once
n now u got the chance to see tha sakura pile up with some snow
that's awesome
well even the weather really bad but seems like abit lucky~~
so i came back to my room n rush back for my camera thn 'kacha' 'kacha'
well i feel so bad cos i worked till 5:30 n the sky had turning it's curtain down
again no sunshine
but if i didnt work i dont think i can feel the SNOW
cos i will be 1000% sleeping like a pig till 2 or 3pm
so now let's just enjoy some unPRO pix

OKEY i know i knwo is totally not pro k k~~

but just wanna share with u guys

the snowy sakura

all these told near by my Dom~~
night all my babes!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


bad weather now
dam it~~~
just now got an earthquake
shaky shaky shaky
haix... japan always got earthquake
plus the bad weather
raining like shit outside
dam windy until my window couldnt even open

Saturday, April 25, 2009

mood~~~ EMO-ing

came back from sakura
dam dam dam tired
with my contact lens
made feel dam uncomfortable for the whole day
well is not a really good weather today
so cloudy not much sunshine provided
pix weare not that nice
well i will upload tomorrow babes

what made me so moody?
i came back from the sakura
when i enter my room
was like~~
full of sands
i forgot to close my window
well i dont use to do that
all sandy around my room
especially my bed
wanna cried when i saw it
cos im really too tired for the trip today
clean for hour
dam dam dam MENG ZHENG
no more mood
suddenly v emo no
emo emo emo!!!
wanna go sleep now
work at 7:30 tomorrow

Friday, April 24, 2009

Is spring now!!


is spring now
wil be going for sakura tomorrow
cant wait the moment walking under all the sakuras
alots of food

ppl always said
walking under sakura is very romantic
but i still dont have the somebody with me now

i'll upload those beautiful photos tomorrow

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tiring day @@

Ish~ my life full of WORK n SCHOOL n ZZZzzz
what's life is this??
i'm so sick of life like this
not interesting at all no program no YAMCHA
i miss malaysia la
*sob* *sob*

just came back from work for my sunday!
woke up early in the morning at 6:30am
work from 7:30 - 17:00
my body is totally corrupted
came back n chat with friends a while is time to prepare dinner
today i cooked!!
3色蛋(steam egg)

Huiyo~ dam nice
my 1st steam egg le but v success
every1 thumb UPs
i never believe that i can make that too
but it's really took me alot of time for that
only steam takes like 45 mins
cos mom said got to use low heat to let it steam till cooked
haha~~ good experiences
now finished my dinner only 9pm
is time to bed for me
tomorrow class early n i'm too tired liao la

steph again!! see i upload liao la
pls don always choi me la...
u got to know i also v busy meeting my sleeping beauty d ma
so no time update lo

am already half deah
nearly fall a sleep while working tim
walau!! crazy tired cos i slept at 3am yesterday
my stupid lovely friend called me at 2am long chat
yet actually both of us got to work the next morning
but we are dam enjoying the chat
cos is all about our TAIWAN trip
LOL~~plans around
but dont know whether the trip will on or not
cos seems like we hardly get our leave
dam it!! @@

I'm here

all my beloved frens i'm back la... aiyo dont always rush me for new post la~@@ LOL... well life just same here... class just started last week which makes me more busy cos got to work n study at the same time! Haixx~ oh yeah! congratulation Clare!! woho~ 9 kgs le! crazy slimmed down must be fit fit now lo
LOL~ well i started my diet as well with only veges n white meat
started it for 5days, i'm not crazy like clare la 9kgs in a week
me only 0.5kg in 5 days will keep it up till i lost 7 kgs

oh yeah every1 there
i plan to go Taiwan on Augt this year n now working dam hard to save more more $$
hopefully i can make it i wanna makan makan n makan there
heard from friends that stuffs there are dam cheap le... maybe will shop crazy there as well

every1 here didnt know how my little jpn room look like right??
here u go some photos to intro my room
dont shout at me when u see how my room look like ok??

my little warm bed i can sleep more thn 12 hours on this bed LOL

Lappy! the only table for internet never for study!! hoho~

my love!! i love stitch wohoho~

Sunday, April 5, 2009


was written n days ago~~
due to the 2 of u yelling at my chat box...
here u go!!@@

Actually i dont plan to write today cause i'm too tired
but at last i got some mood for this so...

well~let's start my little story
new babies from malaysia had came
but is only 2 of thm
so our Japanese teacher from Malaysia
pay us a v delicious dinner
almost all of the Malaysian were there
22 of us in a BBQ shop again
we had a long talks
a precious time for us to gather actually
we actually stay so near
even in the same block or others are just next block
but we always didnt even meet each other for months
as what i told u guys
i'm busy with my PT
for thm as well... for others same lo..
after the dinner i was really tired
but i cleaned up my messy room
and had a chat with my little juniors
after all is time to bed
but feel like wanna go for a drama
ok ok ppl out there dont yell at me la
slept at 2am but i woke up more than 3 times before 10am
what the hack
i'm dam tired d let me sleep la
again n again~~
because i'm to nervous of my PT next day
GOSH~~ i really wanna shout F*** U
know what i woke up liao lagi on my laptop
geng dou!!@@
i also don know why
i knew it when my next wake
after all woke up at 10am n went to work at 1050am
well why am i so so so tired now?
cos i work from 11am to 10pm today
well actually only worked 7 hours between there's 4 hours rest
but the rest time too long which is really killing me
haha~~ luckily i got my lovely iPhone
or else i will bored like a so po
knock to those ppl who online
chat with thm like i never chat before
hahah~~ clare was one of thm
sometimes i prefer to work longer thn rest longer
haha~~ crazy lady

coming weeks i will be busy with my uni n work
so dont yell at me if i dont update ladies

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Say GOODBYE to seniors

Is 17th March
the seniors step out of our uni n start their new life
every1 will grad from schools
but somehow all good things will come to an end
therefore we will growth from every part with
see for me i came to JPN n now this is my lovely HOME
cos i need to at least stay here for 4 yrs b4 i grad
when time to say good bye
mind has thousand words to say but ineffable
well these are so pix on that day

he is our big big senior wing wing

know what she is just 1 day younger thn me le

Shirling a future Singer maybe

see these is all about JPN graduation style
we wear KIMONO for graduation n not those traditional British style
haha~~ cool??!!


after d graduation all me n some juniors went for KAKINIKU
like a BBQ shop for lunch wit our japanese teacher
is a really nice place we often goes there
cos is a buffet with a person like RM40+

d cute juniors

see how crazy @@this is my jap teacher n my classmate

let me explain abit
the middle metal thingy is a place we BBQ our foods
especially meats~~


after lunch rush back for d grand graduation dinner
at my ex part-time restaurant (KAZAN)
almost every malaysian attended
starting with speechs from seniors
in japanese n chinese
my god
the speech was too touching
graduates were trying to control their tears
i'm just besides to d one who gave speech
i look around
every1 was like....
n my tears like uncontrollable
hoho~~ parents n childrens with tears
the most touching part in the speech was






that moment words couldnt express my feelings
before makan my tears...
my make up all melted sigh*
well really a busy day for me
17th march
the 3rd day i'm back to JPN
bt is my 2nd day back to Uni
cos i lepak at Tokyo hoho~~

here goes for our happiness faces


girls out there be careful wit ur slaver!!

Maki my lovely sis in Jpn

okay~ i know i'm narcissism


Gosh~ Had came back for few weeks
from the day i arrive i never stop busy with all my seniors' graduation n those farewell parties
n of cos my part-time (that is why i cant stay long in my lovely country).
Been really busy for few weeks
FINALLY yesterday n today was my super precious holiday
which i had been waiting like yrs (haha)
but yet my holiday was dam bored
maybe i'm really too tired of working non-stop like shit everyday.
well~ well~
know what my tiredness level was like...
i can even just wash n brush my teeth
end up fall asleep till the next day
that was really crazy cos it's js 11pm that day

for today n yesterday i was sticking with my laptop
we are in loved haha!!
dramas... dramas... n dramas...
crazy lady!!@@
for the whole day i js lye down on my bed watching dramas
hoho~~ but the connection really dont give face d wo
one in a thousand's off day for me
end up what??!!
the bad connect which totally cant load my videos
the uni connection make me goes crazy keep on ranging my frens to get some solution
cos my fren knw how to hack others' country IP ma

Ok well today just bull shit around with my boring n lonely lifestyle here
Steph ask me to update more ma...
she's really gambateh-ING le make me feel so shameful