Friday, June 12, 2009


This is the time when love n friendship mean something special. Your sociable side emerges and you crave meaningful connections with others. This happens in your personal as well as your work life. Make more time foe friends as they especially enrich your being at this time. If you spend too much alone time this month, you'll start to feel claustrophobic and cooped up. This could be a good time to look up old friends, visit relatives, throw a dinner party or two. Be the one to instigate opportunities for friendship. You make an even better host than you do guest at the moment. And others will appreciate you for it!!

The quality of your interactions with others at work is very significant this month. Relationships with the people you work with impact directly on your chances for moving ahead in your career.Your relationship luck is strong and efforts made by you will be well reciprocated. You may find you have some strongly different ideas from colleagues, so you need to use your judgment on whether to back off on these issues or proceed and force yourself to cope with your differences. Whatever your decision, do stay pleasant and non-threatening.

Beware however of office romances, which are never a good idea. If someone tries to get fresh with you at the office, be firm and let them know you are not interested. The danger this month is that you could also want to succumb, so there should be undercurrents at work for you. Be forewarned; avoid relationship in the office beyond the strictly professional, especially if one or both of you are married!!

There us plenty of passion in your life right now!! This is a good time to focus on your love life a little, especially if you've been neglecting it. Let your playful side come out again. Sometimes if you've been BORING for too long, you may feel self-conscious when you want to start being adventurous again. Let the natural Tiger in you take over and you'll soon be comfortable in your new skin. Best way to let passion grow is to allow your deepest fantasies to emerge. If you're with your partner, shrug off your inhibitions and try something darling and new!! It'll take the two of you to a whole new level in your union!! For the single Tiger, you're as attractive as you believe, and shouldnt have any problem finding yourself a mate.


was raining everyday~
EMO everyday

class n work everyday


this kind of everyday will be end soon
well babes...

i've been v v moody these days
either complaint about work to my friends...

or just sit infront of my pc n do nothing till sunrise~

I'm so tired with my life like this


now I'm FREE
i just RESIGN my PT
no more PT for me
Steph i can chat with u till i die LOL~
so i can concentrate on my studies now~~


my works really made me v EMO

my boss chi sin d

dont know why suddenly hate foreign students c
riticized us like shit

tak boleh tahan~~

cried in my bed for nights

complaints to my friends
finally i decided to quit it

as he dont like me

what for i stay there to look at his face

dam sad

so for me
these days
this is the main reason cause me EMO~~

everyone EMO these days
Steph la, Esther la, XH la~~
well from Lilian Too again~

tiger will be v EMO this month so be careful babes

now even i had RESIGN i still feel moody~~

Sunday, June 7, 2009

EVERY1~~ Im going back


Im crazy happy yesterday~~
well... lets starts my story

i was checking for the air ticket
for my july trip due to my cousin wedding
i accidentally saw the cheap ticket
is it only RM1100 trough n back
MAS hav super duper cheap fair now
every1 for ur information the normal ticket price is RM3500++
so is it cheap??!!!

so i confirm going back after called my mom
when she said ok for that
n this will b a big surprise for my beloved cousin too

2nd surprise was...
me n my junior just trying to search next yr ticket
wonder will it be cheap as well
i is really CHEAP as well
feb ticket will be RM1100 as well
we scream like shit
we were totally uncontrolled
going back on the 6th feb till 21st march~

Babes shin will be back

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Is early in the morning
birds are chirping
the dim silence of my mind seems...

birds warning me every morning
is time to bed SHIN
stop surfing for nothing~

good night babes~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


what a day for me
had a long chat with Steph
i had neutralize her negative minds
haha~~ well we chat a lot
i found that her birthday is js one day different with my youngest sis
we laugh like shit~~
n her sis's birthday is at july
so is totally opposite
aiyo my stomach so pain this noon for that~~

after the long chat

continue to work
my part time was abit tired today
cos a lot to do
came back
chat with the juniors
jokes around till my tears...

my phone rang
Oh~ is my 2nd sis
a rare phone call from her
she told me a big news
made me wanna fly back malaysia
MY DEAREST COUSIN will get marry
at the 4th of july
my birthday is 1st of july le~~
LOL~~ so happy!!

every1 im crazy now
searching airticket d
planning to go back
wanna cancel my taiwan trip or what??
aiyo~~ pening~~!!!
the ticket back is nt that expensive
but for me i think is worth it~~
although it might be just 1 week back
but the precious moment of her my beloved cousin
i willing to pay for everything just for the short trip

Holly SHIT
dont know how to take my leave

if my boss don let me back maybe i just fire him gua~~
lol!! be a good student study everyday lo!!