Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sorry all my babes...

Had been really a long time didnt update any of my news here

ER Hmm....

Well ppl who updating herself on my fb knew that I'm crazy with something

call CAMERAS!! addicted to something old school style cameras...

erm not bad trying to make myself more busy

and concentrate my mind set more...

started my thesis...

find out the lecturer made me feel speechless

struggling all my time to argue back what i try to express

but he keep denying my title

get some advise from my friend...

everyone said just follow what he wants

cause no one will read your thesis when you graduated..

I'm like is that truth?? why??

so tomorrow will be my last chance to argue with my lecturer

If it fail then i will just follow what he wants me to do...

this is Uni in Japan @@

sad and pity those old forks

Hope that everything will be fine tml~~

Friday, November 13, 2009


These days were really staying in a super emo mood
no mood to do things...
period pain makes me mad
wanna stay in my bed for the whole whole day...
im js so frustrated to my life here...
bored n nt meaningful...

is it when im emo everything never tasty...??
im wondering... what i had not good taste...
the wine usually i took not yummy anymore
the beer i usually drink taste bitter to me...
wanna js drunk like shit tonight
but no $$$$ anymore
wines always kill my money~~~$$$$

struggling whether wanna buy wine now!!@@

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Js a day!!

I know im LOST in the earth
haha~~ sorry im back from Venus now!!
is a simple day here
got to start diet
lost 1 kg but got to ganbate for another 5kgs
listening to music typing blog...
feel so bored
wanna watch some dramas but when i played it
no mood...
checking out about FB
bt sigh!! nothing much the new system makes me crazy
haix... this is my life
im so broke now gonna find a part time job now!!
abit emo due to the sad music im playing now...
nothing in my mind so blank~~
stopped alcohol for 4days d... but feel like drinking again tonight

currently having PU ER tea n playing the sad music...
i miss u guys!! all my babes n dear dear
another 100days 3hours i will be seeing u guys

Thursday, September 17, 2009

~~crazy month~~

Yes!! Babe I'm back to the T.M.
okay!! i got many yelling phone calls
"HUH?? y u come back didnt tell us earlier?"
"WTF u are back AGAIN?? u dam rich lo"
"when u come back d??"

thank you for yelling
i know i didnt inform u guys was my fault
but i didnt mean to have a dam rush month

went to taiwan for 5 dyas!!
super tired trip with the bitch there~~
yeah!! we do had great fun there
party almost everyday!!@@
we always says


went back to japan stay one night at tokyo
n got a phone call by mom
asked me to fly back to sg as she got me a ticket for Anthony Robbins course
i was like!! Oh~~ Okay!!
rush to the airport the next day!!
n almost miss my flight due to my big mistake
went to the WRONG terminal!!
RUSH to the next terminal n i was super late
flight was 5:30pm
i reached there at 5:05pm ran to checked in
the crew were so nervous scare i will miss my flight
haha~!! well yes i almost miss the flight
the crew bought me all the way like VIP
short cut short cut n short cut
hahaha!! never feel like a VIP before until that day~~
LOL~~!!! the moment i rushed to the counter i was all wet
dont mention when i reached the boarding gate!!! imagine urself
reached singapore on the 3rd went for course till 7th
sick for days!!! well thanks for the BITCH who took care of me
came bac to IPOH on the 13th~~ n flying of to SG again on 25th

story will b continue soon.......
got to rush for a shower
going to meet up su anne in another hour

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well well well
here comes my update
was really doing nothing these summer break
wat a useless break here
i watched dramas like hell
till i don be able to chat with Steph who i chat everyday
so im watching LOST now one n a half day for one season
im almost losing my mine for that
before LOST was Desperate housewives... Gossip Girls... n ...
sounds crazy huh!!

well yesterday i had a great chat with Clare babe n Lan C Bimbo bitch
LOL!! had a great fun with them
hope to chat wit u guys again yeah

Thursday, July 30, 2009

my holiday!!!

yoyoyo!!! is holiday now!!
a lots of plan actually!!
plan to do some summer job to earn something or so on
okay!! slept till 3pm
thn got my senior call at 4om for happy hour
i was like huh now??
the senior said happy hour wat now dear!! emmm i was like just work up
okay i ate some biscuit then i went down to his room
gosh im so sleepy just dont know why
i slept more thn 12 hours bt yet sleeping
okay 3 of us drink...
bt suddenly they decided to the K ROOM
shit im so sleepy plus nothing in my stomach yet from the moment i wake up
i was think em... i will be drunk if i go
but no choice yet only 3 of us go so... i should go
okay was like about 8pm im drunk enough
i even cant read the TV okay
KO by the K ROOM
well drunk a lot in the K ROOM
not that lot but still cos empty stomach with the stupid alcohol.

we left about 930pm which is really early but no choice wat to do
we are all drunk
3 of us
so just check out to the super market
cos one of thm are hungry
well me too
but i hav no cash with me so i just give up with the expenses
back to the hostel for nothing!!!
god blessed
everything was fine
only seniors so funny with his funny thingy
i never see that ever
gosh make every1 laugh like shit~~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my saturday

oh babes out there!!
i woke up late today
well woke up twice by my sis at about 12 something n my senior at about 1 something...
but yes i slept back n continue with my dreams again
finally woke up by my lovely junior at 3something who wants me to send her to work due to the pretty rainy day
well yes i promised an immediate reply by the annoying phone call
only i release that it was 3:40pm OMG
i slept for the whole day
n woke up to be a kind driver!!
well yes cos they are my juniors so i would like to help when i could
for the whole day i had been watching the "gossip girl S1"
okey!! i know that im a bit late for this drama but i had watch more thn 10 espisodes today
wow~~ for ur info!! i've not been having something for the whole day until...
well... end up my day with an instant Starbucks caramel n a garlic bread