Thursday, September 17, 2009

~~crazy month~~

Yes!! Babe I'm back to the T.M.
okay!! i got many yelling phone calls
"HUH?? y u come back didnt tell us earlier?"
"WTF u are back AGAIN?? u dam rich lo"
"when u come back d??"

thank you for yelling
i know i didnt inform u guys was my fault
but i didnt mean to have a dam rush month

went to taiwan for 5 dyas!!
super tired trip with the bitch there~~
yeah!! we do had great fun there
party almost everyday!!@@
we always says


went back to japan stay one night at tokyo
n got a phone call by mom
asked me to fly back to sg as she got me a ticket for Anthony Robbins course
i was like!! Oh~~ Okay!!
rush to the airport the next day!!
n almost miss my flight due to my big mistake
went to the WRONG terminal!!
RUSH to the next terminal n i was super late
flight was 5:30pm
i reached there at 5:05pm ran to checked in
the crew were so nervous scare i will miss my flight
haha~!! well yes i almost miss the flight
the crew bought me all the way like VIP
short cut short cut n short cut
hahaha!! never feel like a VIP before until that day~~
LOL~~!!! the moment i rushed to the counter i was all wet
dont mention when i reached the boarding gate!!! imagine urself
reached singapore on the 3rd went for course till 7th
sick for days!!! well thanks for the BITCH who took care of me
came bac to IPOH on the 13th~~ n flying of to SG again on 25th

story will b continue soon.......
got to rush for a shower
going to meet up su anne in another hour