Thursday, July 30, 2009

my holiday!!!

yoyoyo!!! is holiday now!!
a lots of plan actually!!
plan to do some summer job to earn something or so on
okay!! slept till 3pm
thn got my senior call at 4om for happy hour
i was like huh now??
the senior said happy hour wat now dear!! emmm i was like just work up
okay i ate some biscuit then i went down to his room
gosh im so sleepy just dont know why
i slept more thn 12 hours bt yet sleeping
okay 3 of us drink...
bt suddenly they decided to the K ROOM
shit im so sleepy plus nothing in my stomach yet from the moment i wake up
i was think em... i will be drunk if i go
but no choice yet only 3 of us go so... i should go
okay was like about 8pm im drunk enough
i even cant read the TV okay
KO by the K ROOM
well drunk a lot in the K ROOM
not that lot but still cos empty stomach with the stupid alcohol.

we left about 930pm which is really early but no choice wat to do
we are all drunk
3 of us
so just check out to the super market
cos one of thm are hungry
well me too
but i hav no cash with me so i just give up with the expenses
back to the hostel for nothing!!!
god blessed
everything was fine
only seniors so funny with his funny thingy
i never see that ever
gosh make every1 laugh like shit~~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my saturday

oh babes out there!!
i woke up late today
well woke up twice by my sis at about 12 something n my senior at about 1 something...
but yes i slept back n continue with my dreams again
finally woke up by my lovely junior at 3something who wants me to send her to work due to the pretty rainy day
well yes i promised an immediate reply by the annoying phone call
only i release that it was 3:40pm OMG
i slept for the whole day
n woke up to be a kind driver!!
well yes cos they are my juniors so i would like to help when i could
for the whole day i had been watching the "gossip girl S1"
okey!! i know that im a bit late for this drama but i had watch more thn 10 espisodes today
wow~~ for ur info!! i've not been having something for the whole day until...
well... end up my day with an instant Starbucks caramel n a garlic bread

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sis's shop


Datin Yeoh
was the VIP and the person to officially open Ying's beauty parlour.

In case you were wondering, Datin Yeoh is Michelle Yeoh's mom.
As most should know, Michelle Yeoh's from Ipoh so yeah.
So here's a little something for fans, Michelle Yeoh will be in Ipoh sometime next week.
She'll be getting a facial at my sis's place so, yeah.
But I doubt you'd be able to see her seeing that famous people usually do these things at odd hours, HAHA!

People, you should really visit my sis's place for a facial.
WHY you ask.
Well, here's why.
Because the oxygen facial treatment they provide is EXACTLY the same as what Madonna, Eva Longoria, Justin Timberlake, Heather Lockear and Donatella Versace takes!!!
RAWR at that!!!
The results are INSTANT. The treatment is like a natural face lift and it's oxidising your skin and shiz like that. It's called Intraceuticals2.
You gotta trust me when I say, IT WORKS because I spent my day for the facial for my last trip when i back, INSTANT beauty man.
My grandmother tried it and her complexion lightened and her cheeks and eyes lifted. You can really see the difference because they did half the face and compared it.

So people in Ipoh, go Greentown. There's a beauty parlour called Rene De Health and Beauty Centre.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


My bedside's window

~My desk with flowers~

i like flowers
a lot
they smells good
they can bright up my day when i see them

i love tulips, lavender n ...

Oh yeah!!
this flowers are from my UNI
well i stole them while no one there

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


monday woke up early
just because of our OTORO
yeah!! is my sushi~~
was 1st anniversary
for the sushi restaurant
we knew that they will have OTORO
normal price one piece 390yen (RM 14+) n it was only 130yen (RM5+)

we ate like shit
till my stomach too full
3 of us ate more thn 30 plates

how's the sushi babe??
this is my 1st time eating OTORO in japan
cos it is really EXPENSIVE!!!@@

so after our sushi we went to
service our car n some groceries
they suddenly suggest wanna go to beach!
so we just drove there~
just for a walk!! funny right??


backed to room
cleanup started! just to burn the energies
chat with steph almost everyday now
cos i quit my PT!!
i thought my day will end up without any dinner


i went back to the sushi shop again
but now different group
brought my junior there n treated thm as well
the different between morning OTORO n night!!

they were so happy!
well OTORO wo !!
really no money cant eat d!!

salmon sashimi

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The trip back-1st day

sorry for all babes!!
the update from me is always so late

i think all of u had use for the delay of me

this trip was just too too too rush
didnt get to meet up with clare... xhan... n etc

sorry babes~~ will see u guys again during next CNY

due to the H1N1 every1 was so scare bla bla bla...
but whn i took the flight
it's just normal man...
not much of thm wearing mask only the workers
*faint* i thought it's serious...
took the flight back to malaysia
but actually b4 that i was having fever
im so scare if they quarantine me
thn i will waste my trip in the hospital~~
so i bought med n drink it b4 the flight
thn keep drinking beer in the plane
i think i drunk about 6 cans of beer

flight was arrive quite early
n my siblings haven come
made me feel so uncomfortable n mad!!
cos my body my face is super sticky
waited them for like 30 mins at the airport
whn i decided to wait outside
know what i see??
3 of my siblings
WEARING MASK holding a super big poster
welcoming me back!!!
i was like HUH?? OMG!!!
as i said no one wearing mask actually
so every1 staring at them
they shouting me from far while i pushing my stupid trolley to the car
GOSH~~ imagine that babes!!
so embarrassing n funny!!
my sis shout so loud when i stay near her
but it's really funny
4 of us non-stop laughing like shit in the car~

we laugh for the whole journey back to subang my sis place
LOL~~ chit-chatting around!!
every1's secrets.....
that what the funniest day in malaysia for this trip~~

muacksss thanks my dearest!!

acting sick on the plane

Monday, July 6, 2009

Backed n returning to JPN soon!!!

my trip to ipoh just so rush~~

never stop makan n shop n work like a slave


what i wanna say

it's just so TIRED


anyway really feel happy to meet some of my friends


i will update u guys later when i settle down again in japan!!

so for ur information i will be going to KL tomorrow everning

will be flying on tuesday~~~!!!

bye babes