Monday, December 29, 2008

complicated mood

what happen??
cant sleep well...
cant sleep again...

worked from 8am-530pm
suppose to be v tired
maybe my tired feeling had went off??
went for some groceries
was 7pm after all finished
with the bad weather
super windy till i really cant stand
more than 1 min at outdoor man...
went for a steamboat with cute juniors
had a good chat till late night
came back felt so lonely in my room
without any1 here...
had a chat with my seniors
both of them made me feel wanna chat a lot
1~~i dont even talk to her face to face b4 i think
we just studied in the same high school
but internet made us feel kind of close
we didnt chat a lot as well
she's a future doctor~GOD!!@@
1~~we saty at the same floor for about 2 years
but last year we dont even chat more than 2 hours i think
and suddenly this year!!
what happen?
both of us even can just chat on the room phone for 30 mins n above
i never thought that before
i thought both of us cant even be a just friend
i thought she is my Hi Bye friend
well... even now we didnt talk a lot
we didnt share a lot
but sometimes chat with her kind of feeling better
ok ok i admit tat i surf her blog v often
makes me feel a bit closer to her
what's going on???

there's a girl from my part-time
Ogihara san
she is so friendly n kind
i really like her...
if she's nt a girl i think i fall in love with her
kidding la..
but maybe without her i will nt love this work so much
she made me feel more confidence on my work
she never angry when i did something wrong
she never show her temper or speak ill of others too
what a cute n nice senior too..
i thought i will not meet her so soon in my part-time
cos i work the early shift
when i saw her i was big shock
today was my 2nd time for early shift
i have no idea what to do
what to in charge too
maybe feel a bit reliable??

Sunday, December 28, 2008

@.@ AGAIN~~

can u just let me sleep??
come on i'm going to work at 8am later
and i'm awake at 3am which i slept at 12am
can u just leave me alone?
i really tried v hard to continue my sweet dream
but i have no idea what happen to me
i lie on my bed but i just couldnt continue my sweet dream~~
so just decided to wake up at 5.30am!!

All the best to my work later man!!

Friday, December 26, 2008


Oh god
i woke up on 630am today!
god!! @@
was very tired yesterday
n slept at 1130
well is about 8 hours beauty sleep
wanna sleep again!!
sleeping bauty please bring me to my dream!

tired to wake up early!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Xmas

is Christmas!!!
is White Christmas for me

but is a lonely Xmas!!
no one to celebrate with!
i hope i'm in Malaysia today@@
dont even know who to celebrate with
what a sad Xmas!!

well well actually is a white Xmas to me
last yr my mom n my sis came here
n celebrate with me
this yr sounds so loney

oh~ well
Merry Xmas to every1!!

Friday, December 19, 2008


Ho Ho Ho~~ our precious white Christmas is coming soon oh~~ i hope it to be a warm n nice Xmas hope my wish will come true~~ onegai!!@@ well well sorry guys i've been really busy with my part-time these days ok ok ~~ dont rush me man!! i'm trying my best to update everything happen here let's see~


i've a senior A A is a v kind n friendly person but A always get in trouble when A fell in love well, sometimes i really speechless for that but whenever i see A feel super sad n complain i'll feel unhappy as well as a friend i cant do anything as well as A thought that i'm a guy cos we drink like shit everytime~~ we drunk like crazy!! we play around with our health these days i really cant drink alot i feel dizzy even only 5 cans of beer what had happen? Am i really getting old huh?? what the hell man~~ i hate it!! well not only me A as well... A even worst i never see A vomit b4 until this yr OMG~~ i was like unbelievable haha!!@@ A getting worst n worst day by day what the~~@@ but A still never stop drinking even drink everyday~~ no matter what as long as it is alcohol that day had a drink with A A was drunk n sound out the sadness of A's life n the so call LOVE I watched A's back while he complaint my tears nearly drop why ppl like to treat their life like this?? wasting time n money to hurt themselves i cant stand for it anymore my god come on stand up man~~ no more looking back speechless on A but will support A always~


these days really busy with my part-time let's share some part-time stuffs i met a really cute lady there she is....... OMG~ i'm lucky that i can work with her i was thinking if she's a guy ........... haha~~ come on think only la@@ i'm really happy to work with her feel so secure cos she's there my manager will check on me haha~~ she is v kind n friendly n v v funny person next time took pic let u guys see see ya~~ promiseee


yesterday was our uni's Xmas party
is a v successful one!! BRAVO~~ they had alot of performances really nice~wow the break dance really cool man but i dont get to take pictures cos i was with my Japanese teacher n chatting with her abit pity~ but still i watched the performances we got nice food this year hehe~~ here u go some of the pixxx

Ready~~?! GO~~
My 1st yr Japanese teacher~
she's a kind n lovely teacher

Ru Ru~ she's my x roomate
cute right??

one of a Japanese who always take care of foreigner's studens

she's only one day younger than me~@@

Xin Yi our new comer~~

We are malaysian

see are we cute?? hoho~~

He's from china Nan Nan~
He really good in Kung Fu~~

After party~~~~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

サーラム アラスカ メンソール salem alaska menthol


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

after SKI!~~

WOW~! Finally i went for the ski yesterday, it was after 1 yr so everything didnt really goes smoothly! I fell during the ski n i hurt my left leg again~ Well I hurt the nerve but still ok... We went for ski n hot spring n had a lovely lunch there~ It was really nice but tiring~
We reach back to the hostel around 4 n a fall a sleep at 5pm till 1030pm just now~ so i'm full of energy now haha~ ready for my sleep later again!!
here's some pic of my ski!!

look before ski~
we are from the same Ramen shop~
from left: my cute senior Shirling, DaiSuke, shin

Our cute BOSS~ U will never had a cafe in a bowl but there's here~HAHA!
The view is so nice here!
the ticket of the hot spring
it cost RM18 per person GOSH!!
Our hot spring~ there's only 2 of us there!
we actually are not suppose to take picture in the hot spring