Sunday, July 26, 2009

my saturday

oh babes out there!!
i woke up late today
well woke up twice by my sis at about 12 something n my senior at about 1 something...
but yes i slept back n continue with my dreams again
finally woke up by my lovely junior at 3something who wants me to send her to work due to the pretty rainy day
well yes i promised an immediate reply by the annoying phone call
only i release that it was 3:40pm OMG
i slept for the whole day
n woke up to be a kind driver!!
well yes cos they are my juniors so i would like to help when i could
for the whole day i had been watching the "gossip girl S1"
okey!! i know that im a bit late for this drama but i had watch more thn 10 espisodes today
wow~~ for ur info!! i've not been having something for the whole day until...
well... end up my day with an instant Starbucks caramel n a garlic bread

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