Thursday, July 30, 2009

my holiday!!!

yoyoyo!!! is holiday now!!
a lots of plan actually!!
plan to do some summer job to earn something or so on
okay!! slept till 3pm
thn got my senior call at 4om for happy hour
i was like huh now??
the senior said happy hour wat now dear!! emmm i was like just work up
okay i ate some biscuit then i went down to his room
gosh im so sleepy just dont know why
i slept more thn 12 hours bt yet sleeping
okay 3 of us drink...
bt suddenly they decided to the K ROOM
shit im so sleepy plus nothing in my stomach yet from the moment i wake up
i was think em... i will be drunk if i go
but no choice yet only 3 of us go so... i should go
okay was like about 8pm im drunk enough
i even cant read the TV okay
KO by the K ROOM
well drunk a lot in the K ROOM
not that lot but still cos empty stomach with the stupid alcohol.

we left about 930pm which is really early but no choice wat to do
we are all drunk
3 of us
so just check out to the super market
cos one of thm are hungry
well me too
but i hav no cash with me so i just give up with the expenses
back to the hostel for nothing!!!
god blessed
everything was fine
only seniors so funny with his funny thingy
i never see that ever
gosh make every1 laugh like shit~~

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