Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Js a day!!

I know im LOST in the earth
haha~~ sorry im back from Venus now!!
is a simple day here
got to start diet
lost 1 kg but got to ganbate for another 5kgs
listening to music typing blog...
feel so bored
wanna watch some dramas but when i played it
no mood...
checking out about FB
bt sigh!! nothing much the new system makes me crazy
haix... this is my life
im so broke now gonna find a part time job now!!
abit emo due to the sad music im playing now...
nothing in my mind so blank~~
stopped alcohol for 4days d... but feel like drinking again tonight

currently having PU ER tea n playing the sad music...
i miss u guys!! all my babes n dear dear
another 100days 3hours i will be seeing u guys

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